In April 1973 the producing team of Eugene Ward and Gunner Anderson approached the heads of programming at CBS with an innovative concept. CBS, they reasoned, was the preferred network of senior citizens, and the two things senior citizens love the most were detective shows and cats. Their idea was to combine the two: they would create a show about a detective who is a cat.
This is that show.

"Boris" ran six seasons on CBS from 1973 - 78, and starred Boris as Det. Boris Brakovic, a no-nonsense Russian-American cop at a tough New York precinct.

The show earned several Emmys including one for Isaac Hayes' brilliant score.

In the first season, Boris' real-life sister Blizzard played his partner Det. Karen Ruzzetti, but audiences at the time found the idea of a female detective too unbelievable. She was replaced in later seasons by Ray Martingold.

Veteran character actor Archibald Gleason joined the cast as Lt. McCafferty midway through the first season, after another actor dropped out due to allergies.

Boris and Blizzard were reunited in the 1981 made-for-TV movie "Boris: Tail Of A Killer", which is still shown occasionally on the USA Network.

Unfortunately the series is not yet available on DVD.

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